Misounda has been doing in-depth research on shower curtain rods since 2015.

To cope with wet environments, Misounda uses a higher puritystainless steel(304 stainless steel)to make the shower curtain rod.

To prevent sagging, Misounda independently developed a more supportive base and a more stable main structure of the shower curtain rod.

Misounda has always attached importance to the voice of customers,soMisoundashowercurtainrodshavenever stopped product optimization and upgrading of materials, designs, craftsmanship, functions, packaging, etc.

In 2022, Misounda has upgraded the shower curtain rod manufacturing process, installation method, packaging method,etc.to increase the strength and beauty of the shower curtain rod, make it easier to install, and reduce transportation damage.

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U-shaped rod

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Address:  Shanglou Shekeng,Heshi Longchuan,Heyuan Guangdong,CN

Contact us: market@misounda.com

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